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Canada is ranked third in the world in terms of the number of international students residing in the country. According to IRCC, more than 400,000 students received their study permits in 2019. International studies in Canada help international students obtain an education in a first-world country and allow them to work later and settle down permanently in Canada.

To do this, they must clear all the admissibility requirements of the Immigration Programs. As per the Canadian Bureau for International Education, almost 60% of students want to become Permanent Residents of Canada after their studies, and more than 50% take admissions in Ontario colleges.


Want to study in Canada as an International Student? 

Steps to become an International Student in Canada

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 

Learning about the types of schools, Canada Colleges and designated learning institutions.

Selecting the school and program, then apply for admission.

Completing the immigration documentation and get ready to fly out!

Step 1

Learn about the types of schools and designated learning institutions. 

What are Designated Learning Institutions? 

Schools/Institutions and Canada Colleges approved by the provinces and territories to enrol international students are known as Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). 

Although all primary and secondary schools in Canada are DLIs, there is a specific list for Post-Secondary schools that are designated. Your study permit will be rejected if your selected college is not a Designated Learning Institution.

Types of Institutions in Canada

Different kinds of Institutions available for International Students are:

  • Primary and Secondary Schools: Schools that teach students from grades 1 to 12 are categorized as Primary and Secondary Schools. All schools in this category can enrol international students.

  • Post-Secondary Schools: Technical and Vocational Schools, Private Career Colleges, Colleges and Universities are categorized as Post-Secondary Schools. Each of these schools has separate application and language proficiency requirements.

  • Language Schools: Schools that teach French and English as a second language are known as Language Schools. 


Step 2

Selecting the school and program, then apply for admission.

  • Choose the right school to apply to as per your interest in the programs and checking the eligibility requirements. Need help in choosing the right school and program?

  • Apply at least six months to one year in advance to make sure the application process gets completed in time. 

  • Contact the school to receive the information/document checklist for the application process. 

  • Complete the admission application forms, pay the application fees and wait to receive the letter of acceptance.


Step 3

Completing the immigration documentation and get ready to fly out!


Use the received letter of acceptance combined with other required documentation to apply for your study visa/study permit. If IRCC accepts your application, you will soon receive a passport collection request, which can be submitted to your nearest Visa Application Centre.

Pack your Bags and Fly Out! Need more information? Click here!!

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