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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)


The westernmost province of Canada, British Columbia, is a center of diverse culture and growing economy.

Vancouver, the third-largest metropolis in the nation, is located in British Columbia, one of the nations most diverse provinces. The economy of British Columbia is centered on a robust natural resources industry, with a focus on forestry and mining. With its vast forests and distinctive coastal climate, its natural setting is regarded as among the most beautiful in all of Canada, if not the entire globe.


B.C. Immigration Streams


 If you wish to pursue immigration to British Columbia, then you have three categories to choose from:


  • Skills Immigration Stream;

  • Express Entry British Columbia Stream;

  • Entrepreneur Immigration.


Entry-level and semi-skilled workers as well as skilled workers, healthcare professionals, foreign grads, and post-graduates are eligible for the Skills Immigration Stream. Except for international post-graduates, all applicants must have an employment offer or be employed.


Only skilled workers, healthcare professionals, foreign graduates, and postgraduates are eligible for the British Columbia Express Entry Stream.

Skills Immigration


The categories of BC PNP Skills Immigration are as follows:

Skilled Worker Category 

Those who have been given a qualified work offer in a skilled occupation fall under this category. In their skilled employment, workers are expected to have several years of experience.

Healthcare Professional Category 

People who have expertise and suitable job offers, such as doctors, nurses, psychiatric nurses, or allied health professionals, may apply under this category. There must be a job offer that qualifies for one of the 11 health occupations.

International Graduate Category 

Those who graduated from an eligible Canadian institution or college in the previous three years fall under this category. To qualify for this sub-category, an employment offer from a BC employer is required.

International Post-Graduate Category

Graduates with Master’s or Doctoral degrees in the natural, applied, or health sciences from a British Columbia school of higher learning are qualified for this category. To apply for this subcategory, no employment offer is necessary.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category 

Workers in certain entry-level or semi-skilled positions in long-haul trucking, food processing, tourism/hospitality, or entry-level or semi-skilled positions who live and work in British Columbia’s Northeast Development Region may qualify for immigration under this scheme.

Minimum Requirements:


  • A full-time employment offer must have been accepted (apart from for the international post-graduate category);

  • Must have a job offer that is in accordance with provincial wage rates (Except for the International Post-Graduate Category);

  • Must demonstrate your ability to provide for your family and yourself (with the exception of the international post-graduate category);

  • Must adhere to the minimum language standards (for the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category, or for NOC Skill Level B);

  • Must satisfy any extra requirements distinct to your category;

  • Additionally, the employer must fulfill the necessary requirements. (except for the International Post-Graduate Category). 

BC PNP Requirement

Express Entry British Columbia



Express Entry BC grants qualifying applicants priority handling of their BC PNP application and, if selected, their application for permanent residence, in accordance with the federal government’s Express Entry immigration selection program.


The following immigration categories for skilled workers may be processed via Express Entry British Columbia:

  • Skilled Worker Category

  • Health Care Professional Category

  • International Graduate Category

  • International Post-Graduate Category



Minimum Requirements:


  • Must be an applicant with the federal Express Entry system;

  • Must obtain a Job Seeker Validation Code from the Express Entry system;

  • Must have a confirmed a full-time employment offer (except for the International Post-Graduate Category)

  • Must have a wage offer that is in line with current British Columbia wage rates (except for the International Post-Graduate Category);

  • Must have the ability to support yourself and your family (except for the International Post-Graduate Category);

  • Must attain minimum language eligibility requirements (except for the International Post-Graduate Category);

  • Must attain additional requirements specific to your category;

  • The company or employer must  be eligible also(except for the International Post-Graduate Category).

BC PNP Requirement

Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS)

Candidates receive a registration score from the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS), a points-based system, which decides whether they will be invited to apply. The score reflects a person’s potential to thrive in the job market and contribute to the economy of the province and is based on a number of variables, including education level, years of direct work experience, and a job offer from British Columbia.


What is Express Entry?

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) are the three major economic class immigration programs used by the Canadian federal government. Express Entry is an application management system.


The Express Entry method is also used by many PNP streams. “Enhanced” streams are what they are referred as. “Base” streams are those that do not make use of the Express Entry method.


Candidates are judged using a variety of criteria, including their age, education, job experience, and language proficiency, in the Express Entry system. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) assigns them a grade based on these elements. In the Express Entry draw, candidates with the highest CRS score are asked to apply for permanent residence in Canada.



The Express Entry B.C. stream and other enhanced PNP streams are coordinated with Express Entry. Based on the details in each applicant’s profile, B.C. searches the Express Entry pool to identify qualified applicants. 


Candidates for Express Entry who obtain a provincial nomination from British Columbia are given an extra 600 CRS points. This virtually ensures that you will be invited to submit an application for permanent residence during the upcoming Express Entry draw.



Entrepreneur Immigration 



There are three routes you can take if you want to move to British Columbia as an entrepreneur:

Entrepreneur Immigration – Base Category 

Senior managers or company owners who want to invest money in a planned business in British Columbia fall under this category.

Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot 

This new pilot program is for foreign businesspeople who want to start a new company in a small town in British Columbia.

Strategic Projects Category 

This category allows businesses with international ownership to establish operations in British Columbia. For permanent residence in the province, up to five important international managerial, professional, or technical staff members may be nominated.



Minimum Requirements:

BC PNP Requirement
BC PNP Requirement

B.C. PNP Tech

Tech draws are frequently held in British Columbia, and they encourage qualified professionals to apply for a provincial nomination.
To address the province’s labor shortage in the tech industry, the project was launched as a pilot program in 2017. The province declared it a permanent initiative in June 2021.
This program is for qualified candidates who have a job offer in one of the 29 eligible professions in British Columbia. Additionally, the employment offer must be for at least a year and still have 120 days left when the applicant applies.
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