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Business Exploratory Visit

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Business Exploratory Visit 

A visitor visa provided to business visitors in Canada is also known as a Business Visa sometimes. A business visitor is someone who wants to come to Canada temporarily to grow or invest in a business or to advance their business relationships within Canada.

What are the types of activities that may be conducted by a business visitor?

  • Buying local goods for a foreign government or business

  • Getting trained to use a Canadian product or service

  • Procuring orders for any services and goods

  • Attending fairs, conferences and meetings

  • Training employees of a foreign company branch based in Canada

  • Getting trained for a Canadian company based outside of Canada


To be able to enter Canada, you would need an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or a Visitor Visa (also known as the Business Visa Canada):

A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), or a Visitor Visa, is an official travel document that allows foreign nationals to enter Canada as business visitors, temporary workers, tourists, or students. A visitor visa is a mandatory document needed for all foreign nationals to enter Canada unless they are from a visa-exempt country.

List of Required Documents to bring to Canada when coming on a Business Visa


A valid passport or a travel document is needed throughout your stay in Canada.

Visitor Visa or an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

Any one of these is required to be able to enter Canada.

Support, Invitation or Recognition Letters

Letters of Support from the parent company and a letter of invitation from your Canadian Host Company or a Letter of Recognition provided by the Canada Border Services agency is needed.

Proof of funds

You have to show that you have sufficient funds to stay in Canada for your trip and then return.

Other Details

Service or warranty agreements, or contracts if applicable. Contact details of your business host present in Canada.


Qualifications of a Business Visitor to apply for a Business Visa Canada?

  • You intend to stay in Canada for less than six months

  • You meet the necessary Canada visitor visa requirements

  • Your main business and source of income and profit is outside of Canada

  • Entering the Canadian Labour workforce is not your intent

  • You should be able to provide all the needed documents for the application and to bring along when you arrive in Canada.


Want to apply for a Business visa?
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