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Super Visa for Parents & Grandparents

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Super Visa for Parents & Grandparents 

A super visa is a multiple entry visa that allows parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents to visit them. This visa will let them to stay in Canada for up to two years straight without leaving the country in between the period like some other visa’s.

Both ‘Parents or Grandparents’ and the inviting ‘Children or Grandchildren’ have specific eligibility requirements which need to be fulfilled for applying for a Super Visa:

Super Visa Application Requirements for Parents and Grandparents



The IRCC may require Police Clearance Certificates to prove you are admissible in Canada and don’t have any previous criminal or immigration convictions.

Medical Exam

You need to give an Immigration medical exam to be eligible to enter Canada. This exam proves that you will not be a health hazard or a burden on the Canadian medical system.

Letter of Invitation

A letter of invitation is needed from your sponsor (Child or Grandchild), which would include their promise of financial support, their P.R or Citizenship Documents and a list of people in their household.

Medical Insurance

You need medical insurance from a Canadian Insurance firm with at least $100,000 coverage and a minimum of 1 year of validity from your date of entry. This should cover health care, repatriation and hospitalization; and be valid for multiple entries to Canada within that period.

Super Visa Application Requirements for Children or Grandchildren


Minimum Income Requirements

To be able to sponsor your grandparents or parents for a super visa, you must meet minimum income requirements to show that you’ll be able to support them financially when they come here.

This income can be proved through:

  • A copy of your NOA (Notice of Assessment)

  • A recent copy of your T1 or T4

  • Job letter stating your Title, Salary and Job description

  • Proof of other income sources

  • Recent Paystubs


Letter of Invitation

You need to provide a letter of invitation to your parents and grandparents, which would include your promise of financial support, your P.R or Citizenship Documents and a list of people in your household.

Combined with a signed promise of financial support and minimum income requirements.

Complete details of both the host and “Parents or Grandparents” are needed.

This would include the complete name, date of birth, home address, phone number, the purpose of visit to Canada, Relationship with each other, Duration of expected stay, Family details etc.



To apply for this program or to learn more:

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