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Citizenship Application

Permanent Residence & Citizenship

Citizenship Application

Canadian Citizenship is a status obtained after becoming a permanent resident of Canada for three years in the last five years.


Eligibility to apply for a Canadian Citizenship

  • You should be a Permanent Resident of Canada

  • You should have a language proficiency of CLB 4 or above to prove you are fluent enough in English or French

  • You must pass a Canadian Citizenship Test

  • You have lived in Canada as a permanent resident for three years in the past five years before your application

  • If required, your taxes were filed for a minimum of 3 years in the past five years before your application


What are the steps to apply for Canadian Citizenship?


Obtain an Application Package

First, you need to select the specific application package for your situation and then fill the Citizen Application form Canada.

Application Fees

The application fees for every case is different and may contain both the processing and the ‘right to citizenship’ fee.


After filling in the needed information and paying the fees, you can submit it with all the required documents.


To determine your eligibility :

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