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Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


Canadian Experience Class (CEC) 

One of the three streams included in the Express Entry system for Canadian immigration is the “Canadian Experience Class.” It specifically targets candidates who have at least a year of professional work experience in Canada. Since its launch, CEC has added a sizable number of qualified applicants to the Express Entry Pool. Over 35,000 invites were sent out by Express Entry Canada in the year 2022 alone in all program draws.


The prerequisite for this stream is having at least one year of skilled-level work experience in Canada. You can compute a score to see if you qualify for Express Entry using the CRS calculator or tool. Express Entry invites you to apply for this program to become a Permanent Resident of Canada if your score meets or exceeds the current draws.



Some of the basic requirements which determine your score and eligibility are mentioned below:



1. Professional Work Experience

 You must have 12 months of skilled work experience in Canada and be the following :-

– In the Canadian National Occupational Classification’s level O, A, or B.

– For a full-time job, or the equal amount of time in a part-time job;


2. Education

For this program, there is no minimal level of education required, although you can raise your CRS points by:

• Obtaining a secondary or tertiary school degree, diploma, or certificate in Canada.

• Having your foreign education’s Education Credential Assessment report assessed by a certified organization.


3. Language Fluency


You must pass the minimal requirements in accordance with your level of employment competence by taking one of the recognized language exams, such as the IELTS, CELPIP-G, TEF Canada, or TCF Canada


4. Other important factors


Age, marital status, close relatives in Canada, and admissibility are some other factors.



This program’s advantages:


– An outstanding choice for foreign students in Canada

– Quicker processing speeds than programs that use paper

– There is no cap on the number of applicants who can use the Federal Skilled           Worker Program to apply to the Express Entry Pool.

– Application process that is entirely electronic.

Want to find out if you’re eligible for this program or how to apply for it
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