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Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)


Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)

One of the three programs included in the Express Entry system for Canadian immigration is the “Federal Skilled Worker” program. It is intended primarily at foreign workers with professional work experience who want to move permanently to Canada. FSW has been adding the most candidates to the Express Entry Pool ever since it was first introduced. Through this stream, more than 30,000 invites were sent out by Express Entry Canada in 2019.


The “Federal Skilled Worker Program” evaluates applicants’ eligibility using a 100-point grid, with a current pass score of 67 points. You are added to the Express Entry pool if you pass this grid. You can calculate a score to determine your eligibility for Express Entry using the CIC CRS calculator/tool. If your score is equal to or higher than the current draws, you will receive an invitation from Express Entry for this program to become a Permanent Resident of Canada.


Minimum criteria for this program:


1. Professional Work Experience

You should have at least a year of continuous work experience in a skilled position and be:


• in a Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) level O, A, or B.

• For a full-time job, or the equal amount of time in a part-time job;

• Over the previous ten years


2. Education

Although this program has no minimal education requirement, you can increase your CRS points by:


• Having a secondary or post-secondary degree, diploma, or certificate from a Canadian institution.

• Obtaining a Educational Credential Assessment report from a designated organization for your studies abroad.


3. Language Skills

You must pass the minimal requirements according to your employment skill level and take one of the recognized language exams, such as the IELTS, CELPIP-G, TEF Canada, or TCF Canada.


4. Proof of Financial means
To be able to settle in Canada, you must demonstrate that you have enough funds for both yourself and your family, with the following exceptions:


• You can currently work in Canada; or

• Possess a genuine employment offer in Canada.


 5. Other important factors

Age, marital status, close relatives in Canada, and admissibility are some other factors.


Benefits of this program include:
– The entirely digital application process

– Processing periods that are quicker than those of Provincial Nomination 


– There is no cap on the number of candidates who can use the Federal Skilled      

   Worker Program to apply to the Express Entry Pool.


Want to find out if you’re eligible for this program or how to apply for it?
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