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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship


Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 

Permanent Residents and Citizens of Canada can sponsor their Parents and Grandparents to become Permanent Residents of Canada under the Family Class(FC) immigration program. Canada strongly supports bringing families together, and Family Sponsorship Canada allows your relatives to reside in Canada to work, study and live together once they fulfill all the requirements.  

According to the new multi-year immigration plan by IRCC, Canada will admit more than 23,000 applicants as permanent residents under the “Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship” program.

Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship – Eligibility Requirements


Through the Parent Sponsorship Canada program, the Sponsor needs to meet the eligibility criteria set by IRCC. 


The basic requirements are as follows:  

  • You should be at least 18 years’ old

  • You should be living in Canada

  • You should be a Permanent Resident or a Citizen of Canada

  • You should have sufficient money to provide support to the persons you are looking to sponsor, and you have to promise to take care of them by:

  1. Committing 20 years of financial support to them since they become Permanent Residents of Canada

  2. Repaying any social assistance which your sponsored family members receive.

  • You and the sponsored member also must sign a sponsorship agreement which says that: 

  1. You will deliver the basic needs of your sponsored family members 

  2. The sponsored person will also make every effort to support themselves.


Application Process


Unlike the first-come, first-serve application submissions system, since 2019, IRCC has started an “interest to sponsor” system for submitting these applications now. In this system, IRCC opens the form submissions a limited number of times per year and then holds a draw to announce which of them got selected. IRCC will now open the interest to sponsor form again in 2021 to accept 30,000 new applications (Parents and Grandparents: Interest Form Submissions).

Kindly find below the steps to apply for the “Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship” program:


  1. Check your eligibility 

  2. Submit an interest to sponsor form

  3. Wait to receive the invitation to apply

  4. Submit your application within 60 days of receiving the invitation

To learn more about the above, or to apply for it:
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