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Study Permit Extension

Non Immigration

Study Permit Extension

Your study permit usually lasts until the length of your study program and 90 extra days. These additional days allows you to either extend your stay or leave Canada. The study permit extension time is usually between 1 – 2 months. You may apply for a study permit extension to stay and study in Canada if you fall under one of these situations:


  1. You need some more time to complete your education, and its completion will surpass your current study permit’s expiry date.

  2. You want to get enrolled in another study program/college and have already received a letter of acceptance. 

Want to apply for a Student Visa from inside Canada? 


You may want to travel back and forth from Canada when you’re studying here, and doing so would require a valid student visa to enter Canada again. You may have to apply for a Student Visa by itself if: 

  • Your study permit’s length exceeds the expiry date of your previously provided visitor visa, and now you want to travel in and out of Canada.

  • You applied for a study permit/study permit extension from within Canada and now want to get a Student Visa to travel in and out of Canada.


Want to apply for a Student Visa? Reach us here:
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