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Study Permit Application

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Study Permit Application

Most international students require a study permit issued by the IRCC to study in Canada. This permit, along with a student visa, allows them to enter and then stay in Canada for study. 

A study permit is required in almost all study cases except if you are appearing for preschool, attending a complete distance learning program, taking non-academic/non-professional courses, or taking a course which is six months or less in duration. 

Eligibility Requirements for a Study Permit in Canada


Letter of Acceptance 


You need to acquire a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.

Minimum Fund Requirements 


You need to show sufficient funds for the first year’s 

  • Tuition fee 

  • Living Expenses

  • Transportation 



IRCC may require Police Clearance Certificates and Medical Tests to prove you are admissible in Canada.


You must satisfy Canadian authorities that you will leave Canada after completing your studies or till after your PGWP expires.

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