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10 Saskatchewan Jobs With New NOC Codes That Are In High Demand

The Conference Board of Canada released a two-year prognosis that predicts a net gain of 25,900 employment for Saskatchewan by 2023. As the economy recovers after the easing of pandemic restrictions, the majority of these jobs will be in the tourism, hospitality, and retail sectors.

Compared to the rest of Canada, the Prairie province fared better against inflation and a slowdown in the overall economy. However, it is projected that Saskatchewan will continue to experience a labor deficit for years to come.

People from outside Saskatchewan should be aware that some professions are in higher demand than others despite the increasing demand for labor. The top 10 in-demand jobs in Saskatchewan are provided below.

10 Saskatchewan jobs that are in high demand

1. Software Developers (NOC 21232)

Since they are the ones who write, modify, integrate, and test the computer code for software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level software, and communications software, software developers are in high demand.

Software development is one of the top positions, according to Randstad, in part because businesses of all shapes and sizes want developers to provide app solutions, create or manage internal software, or help integrate cloud or other technologies.

Software engineers in Saskatchewan earn a median annual pay of $71,077 based on a standard 37.5-hour workweek, according to statistics from Job Bank. As of late November, there were 122 comparable job postings for Saskatchewan on the Indeed jobs website.

2. Accountant (NOC 11100)

The task of managing funds during an economic recovery is best suited to accounting specialists. Accountants create, plan, and oversee the accounting systems that businesses, individuals, and governments use to keep track of their finances.

At the end of November, the Job Bank reported that for a regular 37.5-hour work week, accountants in Saskatchewan made a median annual pay of $79,696.

The federal government’s employment website also claims that Saskatchewan has the best job prospects in the nation for accountants.

3. Retail Sales Representatives (NOC 64100)

In every store, retail sales representatives deal directly with clients to sell, rent, or lease a variety of technical and non-technical goods and services.

According to Indeed, Saskatchewan had 1,126 sales jobs at the height of the holiday shopping season in late November.

Based on a 37.5-hour workweek, the median annual salary for a retail sales associate in that province is $29,250.

4. Construction Trades Helper (NOC 75110)

The need for personnel in the building trades is currently fairly strong in Saskatchewan as a result of the province’s thriving construction industry.

Typically employed by construction companies, labor contractors, and owners of surface mines and quarries, this personnel works on construction sites, in quarries, and in open-pit mines.

The median annual income for these workers in Saskatchewan, based on a regular 37.5-hour work week, is $42,900, according to statistics from Job Bank. For those looking for work in the building trades as of late November, Indeed has 271 job listings.

5. Heavy Equipment Mechanics (NOC 72401)

Heavy equipment mechanics in Saskatchewan can earn a median annual income of $67,665 by repairing, troubleshooting, adjusting, overhauling, and maintaining heavy-duty mobile equipment used in forestry, mining, oil and gas, material handling, landscaping, land clearing, and farming, according to Job Bank data for a 37.5-hour work week.

In late November, there were 70 job postings for heavy equipment mechanics in Saskatchewan on Indeed, and Job Bank rated the employment prospects as fair.

According to Job Bank, from 2019 through 2028, there will likely be more instances of a national labor shortage for this occupational category.

6. Transport Truck Drivers (NOC 73300)

Truck drivers were in high demand to transport packages during the pandemic, and as baby boomers depart the industry, younger drivers are even more needed to fill their shoes.

Late in November, the province’s 207 truck driver openings were posted on Job Bank, and at that time, Indeed was advertising for 394 of them.

A truck driver in Saskatchewan makes $48,750 a year at the average weekly rate.

7. Food And Beverage Servers (NOC 65200)

Restaurants in Saskatchewan are also facing a significant labor scarcity when it comes to servers; according to Indeed, the province had only 333 open positions as of late November.

The mean yearly wage for servers in Saskatchewan is $25,350, based on a 37.5-hour workweek.

8. Heavy Equipment Operators (NOC 73400)

In the fields of material handling, construction, and maintenance of highways, bridges, airports, gas and oil pipelines, tunnels, buildings, and other structures, heavy equipment operators are in high demand.

In Saskatchewan, 111 openings for heavy equipment operators were posted on in late November. According to Job Bank, these workers earn a median annual income of $58,500 based on a regular work week in that province.

Operators of heavy machinery are employed by companies involved in building, contracting, public works, pipelines, logging, cargo handling, and other industries.

9. Personal Support Worker (NOC 44101)

These people offer in-home care for clients who are elderly, disabled, or recovering. They might work for themselves, for businesses that provide home care and support, or for private homes.

Indeed posted 144 openings for personal support workers in Saskatchewan, where the average yearly salary for a typical 37.5-hour workweek is $37,050, in the latter part of November.

10. Cooks (NOC 63200)

As a result of an extraordinary labor shortage in the hospitality sector, Saskatchewan restaurateurs are scrambling to fill kitchen positions.

As of late November, 471 cook positions were available in Saskatchewan, according to Indeed. A lot of these openings—nearly 313—were also posted on Job Bank.

The pay isn’t the highest, though. The median yearly wage for a cook in Saskatchewan, based on a 37.5-hour work week, is $29,500, although there are several job openings in the province’s hospitality sector.

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