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Alberta’s Top 10 Best Places To Live in 2022 and beyond

Alberta is a stunning province with a wealth of gorgeous natural landmarks. The area, one of Canada’s three Prairie Provinces, has a wonderful mixture of open spaces and major cities. The fact that there are numerous different cities and small villages means that if you want to buy a house in the ideal area, you must learn about the greatest areas to live in Alberta.

Alberta’s Top 10 Best Places to Live

Avoid limiting your search to Alberta’s most affordable areas if you’re seeking for the best neighborhoods. Instead, extend your search because Alberta has relatively inexpensive housing.

Alberta residences offer excellent value, especially when compared to British Columbia or Ontario, although not as inexpensive as New Brunswick. The factors that are vital to your household members should be taken into account when looking for the greatest places to reside. This entails being able to build an outdoor lifestyle and living in a family-friendly setting with a diversified community.

Here are our top suggestions for the greatest areas to live in Alberta keeping the aforementioned in mind.

(1) Calgary

The largest and most populated city in Alberta, Canada, in Calgary. Calgary is renowned for being a beautiful city with great amenities, including an excellent metro-bus system. In addition to this, it also has all the wonderful qualities of a big city, such as entertainment options, a lively neighborhood, and the typical economic flood of a significant financial center.

Nearly 1.5 million people call Calgary, often known as The Stampede City, home, but it’s still regarded as a reasonably priced location to live compared to other large cities. This is due to the absence of a sales tax in Calgary and the rest of Alberta, which can considerably lower the cost of real estate.

(2) Edmonton

Edmonton should be near the top of your list if you’re trying to decide which Alberta city is the ideal place to call home. The fact that Edmonton offers the feel of a little town while also having amenities often found in large cities makes it one of the best places to live in central Alberta, in addition to being the province’s capital.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Edmonton has a humid continental climate even if it provides a lovely environment for raising a family. Nevertheless, it is one of the best places to live in Alberta due to its wealth of social services, urban amenities, and gorgeous surroundings.

(3) Red Deer

Red Deer has a substantially smaller population than both Calgary and Edmonton combined. However, this medium-sized city’s 105,000 inhabitants support one of the most significant economic and agricultural hubs in the region.

Due to the presence of significant oil corporations, Red Deer’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Red Deer, the third-largest city in terms of population in Alberta, is regarded as one of the greatest places to reside in the province due to its affordable rent. This is perfect for )households that want to purchase a home but still need to increase their chances.

(4) Cochrane

Is Cochrane in Alberta the finest location to live?

It might be if your top priorities are a small-town atmosphere, a secure neighborhood, and access to the rocky mountains of Banff National Park.

In addition to the aforementioned, Cochrane is just 18 kilometers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s largest city. As a result, it’s the ideal substitute for professionals who wish to work in a fast-paced city-based organization yet live in a rural setting apart from the action.

(5) Okotoks

Okotoks is among the best places to live because of the protected areas that surround it, making it easy for locals to take advantage of the area’s natural beauty.

Okotoks is a fantastic alternative for homeowners that need to be close to The Stampede City and enjoy inexpensive house prices because it is situated less than 50 kilometers south of Calgary.

(6) St. Albert

With a population of approximately 70,000 and a location between rolling hills, St. Albert has a unique feel for such a small, reasonably priced city. St. Albert, one of the healthiest cities in the Edmonton region, is the ideal choice for active people who want to raise their families in a relatively calm and peaceful environment.

Due to the aforementioned and the fact that it is less than 20 km from Edmonton, its unemployment rate is one full percentage point greater than the national average.

(7) Fort McMurray

One of the focal points of Alberta’s oil and gas industry is Fort McMurray. The small community of Fort McMurray, which is situated in the renowned oil sands, offers excellent career prospects for people of various backgrounds and ages.

Fort McMurray is regarded as a gorgeous, affordable city with an unemployment rate of 5.6%, which is excellent when compared to Canada’s general rate of 7.6% even though other major cities may have more amenities.

(8) Leduc

Nearly 30 kilometers south of Edmonton, just west of Saunders Lake, is the town of Leduc. This little town offers a multicultural culture, quick access to Edmonton, and fantastic winter and summertime activities. For instance, playing beach volleyball in the sweltering heat and ice fishing in the cold.

(9) Grande Prairie

Northwest Alberta is home to the wonderful city of Grande Prairie. It is one of the greatest places to live if you prefer outdoor activities like hiking and is home to about 65,000 people. Due to the city’s proximity to the mountains, its inhabitants may easily reach ski resorts and enjoy winter sports like ice skating during the colder months.

(10) Airdrie

A great choice for young families that need to stay close but don’t want to reside in The Stampede City is Airdrie, a little town just north of Calgary. Despite its reputation as a little town, Airdrie has a high average household income and many wonderful amenities.

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