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Best Cities for Students in Canada: Discover the Top Cities in Canada for International Students

You’ll want to make sure you reside in the best area for studying in Canada if you’re an international student hoping to study there! Living in one of the best cities in Canada for international students allows you to benefit from the nearby student population’s support.

Let’s talk more about this because you are looking into the top universities in Canada. You can pick the Canadian city that best suits you after we discuss all the crucial aspects of the best places to study in Canada.

Benefits of Studying in Canada’s Top Cities

Any top city in Canada to study can be summed up by the standard of living it provides for its foreign students. The benefits of studying in one of the top cities include:

  • A helpful student body to look out for when you need them.

  • All of Canada’s top universities provide their students with a well-organized way of life whether it’s by offering you student discounts or by supplying you with subsidized public transportation.

  • Among the greatest places in Canada to study and work are Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver

  • For international students, there are part-time work options in these best places in Canada to study. Living in the cities that the majority of international students favor is thus an additional benefit.

This prompts us to consider which Canadian cities are the best for studying and working. Let’s talk about this:

Best Canadian Cities to Study

Remember that we’ve identified the best Canadian options for you when it comes to where to study in Canada as an international student. However, you might also enjoy visiting some of the other unique cities. For instance, Toronto, where the majority of the Subcontinental population live, is the best city in Canada for Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi students.

The following Canadian cities rank highly for students:

  1. Montreal

  2. Toronto

  3. Vancouver

  4. Ottawa

  5. Quebec City

  6. Edmonton

  7. Calgary

  8. Waterloo

Let’s discuss it in more detail:

1. Montreal

Montreal Downtown

The finest Canadian city for studying in Montreal. The city establishes itself as a leader in science and technology, especially in information technology and aeronautics. In addition to providing world-class education, Montreal, one of the top student cities in the world, is well known for its innovative culture and thriving entertainment sector.

​2023 QS ranking for the top study cities


Best Universities for Study in Vancouver

University of British Columbia

Vancouver Island University

Simon Fraser University

University of Canada West

Columbia College

Langara college

Living costs in Vancouver

CAD 2000 – 4000

Activities in Vancouver

Drive down the Sea-to-Sky Highway for some fun.

Visit the Anthropology Museum in Vancouver.

Enjoy the outdoors at Grouse Grind or Stanley Park.

Visit Chinatown and the renowned Dr. Sun Yat Sen park to get a peek at China.

Is studying in Vancouver worthwhile?

One of the most exciting Canadian cities is Vancouver. You are prepared for an eventful experience if you choose to study here.

4. Ottawa

Downtown Ottawa

Ottawa is one of the most attractive cities in Canada, with gorgeous scenery all around. The city provides more than than that, though. Many STEM students receive first-hand experience to the industry thanks to the top research centers in science and technology.

2023 QS ranking for the top study cities


Best Universities for Study in Ottawa

University of Ottawa

Carleton university

Augustine College

Algonquin College

Dominican University College

Living costs in Ottawa

CAD 2000 – 3000

Activities in Ottawa

Visit the Parliament

Go Skating

Take a walk along the iconic Chateau

Go to the beach

Is studying in Ottawa worthwhile?

Some of the top science and history courses are offered at Ottawa University. There are numerous museums in the city that can teach you about your field.

5. Quebec City

Quebec City downtown

Quebec is Canada’s French-speaking province. You will be exposed to both Canadian and French culture if you decide to study here. For international students, Quebec is one of Canada’s most affordable cities. For Asian students wishing to live on a tight budget, this is one of the ideal cities to live in Canada.

​2023 QS ranking for the top study cities


​Best Universities for Study in Quebec City

Laval University

Living costs in Quebec City

CAD 1500 – 2000

​Activities in Quebec City

​Take a stroll along Quebec’s fortifications.

At Parc De La Chute Montmorency, you can zipline.

Visit the the Parc National De La Jacques Cartier.

Visit the renowned Quebec festival.

Is studying in Quebec City worthwhile?

Quebec provides shorter-term courses, post-study job permits, and affordable education. These benefits make attending school in Quebec worthwhile!

6. Edmonton

Vibrant Edmonton summer skyline

Edmonton, known for its pizzas, provides students with a vibrant cultural scene. International university students in Edmonton live affluent lifestyles at reasonable costs. Consequently, this is one of Canada’s top locations for higher education.

2023 QS ranking for the top study cities


Best Universities for Study in Edmonton

University of Alberta

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

MacEwan University

Concordia University of Edmonton

Living costs in Edmonton

CAD 10000 – 13000

Activities in Edmonton

Visit and shop at the largest Edmonton Mall Of Canada.

Elk Island National Park is worth a visit

Go and spend time at the Beaver Hills.

Edmonton Park is a fine place for picnics

Is studying in Edmonton worthwhile?

You may engage in nature, enjoy fun, and pursue your dreams while studying in Edmonton.

7. Calgary

Peace Bridge, downtown Calgary

Calgary, Canada, is a well-kept city that emphasizes environmental innovation, energy research, and renewable energy sources. As a result, this is among the top locations in Canada to study a STEM course. Calgary is the city for you if you’re interested in cutting-edge education and training.

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