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Everything You Need to Know – About Canada Study Permit Letters of Acceptance

You can lay a strong foundation for your future career and personal life by getting an education in Canada.

However, obtaining an acceptance letter from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI) is the first step in starting your journey in Canada.

To be eligible for a Canadian study permit, you must have an acceptance letter (LOA) from a Canadian university or college.

You’ll learn the following from this article:

What is a letter of acceptance (LOA)?

What should the LOA contain?

Who is not subject to LOA?

LOA with conditions: what is it?

What is a letter of acceptance (LOA)?

Your acceptance to a Canadian university or institution is formally confirmed by a Letter of Acceptance (LOA), sometimes known as an acceptance letter.

The admission letter you receive, though, must be from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

To apply for a study visa, you must get an acceptance letter from a recognized educational institution.

A school that has received government approval from a province or territory to admit international students is known as a designated learning institution.

Additionally, not every designated learning institution (DLI) offers programs for Post Graduate Work Permits (PGWP).

Using the official database, you may determine whether your university has a PGWP program available. Search for your college or university after choosing the province where your institution is located.

Typically, only foreign students having an LOA are allowed to enroll in courses in Canada (some exceptions apply, see details below).

Therefore your top priority should be to apply to and get accepted into a DLI.

What should the LOA contain?

The letter of acceptance format used by IRCC ensures the validity of your LOA. It is complete and will simplify the process of processing study permit applications.

Presenting an immigration official with an original letter of acceptance (or a scanned copy if applying through e-Apps) from the DLI you will be attending will allow you to prove your admission into a Canadian study program.

When submitting your study permit application, details, in the LOA from DLI, needed are:

Your complete name, birth date, and mailing address;

The name of the institution and its official contact details;

The institution’s DLI number;

Information on the institution’s website, email, fax, and phone numbers;

What kind of institution or school will you be attending?

If the organization receives government funding but is not a university,

A statement stating whether the institution is a technical, community, or post-secondary college;

Your study field, grade level, and year of study

The anticipated duration or finish date of the study program;

Start of the selected course of study

The final day a student can register for a certain subject;

The semester or academic year that the student will begin studying;

Whether the study program is full- or part-time;

The cost of the course;

Financial aid (if relevant) in the form of scholarships and other financial aid;

An indication of the letter of acceptance’s expiration date;

Any qualifications for acceptance or registration, such as passing a test of academic proficiency, earning a prior degree, etc.

Visible identification of the educational institution, typically supported by letterhead;

For study in Quebec, a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) is necessary, and

Private organizations’ licensing information is frequently verified on letterhead when necessary.

This is a sample letter of acceptance.

Who is not subject to LOA?

If the family member’s application for a work or study permit is approved in writing prior to their entry into Canada, a letter of acceptance is not required.

This exemption does not, however, guarantee that an application for a study visa will be accepted.

The obligation to submit a letter of acceptance when applying for a study permit also applies to a foreign national’s family members who submit a study or work permit application from inside Canada.

LOA with conditions: what is it?

The DLI may issue a conditional letter of acceptance when a foreign national must finish a prerequisite course or program before being admitted to the study program.

When the applicant applies for temporary residencies, such as a study permit in Canada, this letter must be submitted.

Let’s say that in order to enroll in a future program, you must first pass a prerequisite curriculum, like English or French as a Second Language.

The officer may then grant a study permit for the length of the necessary program plus an additional year.

After completing their prerequisite program successfully, students must apply for a new study permit and provide proof that they have satisfied all entry requirements.

International students, however, are required to fulfill the financial obligations for their primary program.

Additionally, until their main program begins, overseas students who got a study permit to finish the precursor program are not permitted to work off-campus in Canada.

Source: IRCC

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