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Marrying While Your Canada PR Application Is Being Processed

Applications for immigration to Canada sometimes take months, or even years, to process for some categories. People may frequently go through changes in their life as they wait. One of the frequent transitions applicants go through while waiting for their application to be completed, for instance, is getting married.

Let’s say that while your application for permanent residency was being processed, your family’s makeup altered. If so, you can find out how it will affect your application and what you need to do.

The IRCC must be informed of any modifications to your application, including any information regarding dependent spouses, so keep that in mind.

This article shows you:

What to do if you get married after submitting a Canada PR application

How to add your spouse to your application before the IRCC processes it

After acquiring an ITA, how do you add your spouse?

How to determine the immigration status of your spouse

Getting married when you are outside of Canada after your PR application is accepted.

What should you do if you get married after submitting a Canada permanent resident application?

As was previously noted, you must notify IRCC of any modifications to your family structure, such as getting married and adding a spouse. However, you do have the choice to list your spouse in your application as a dependent. You could also file for your spouse separately (this may require more paperwork).

Even if your spouse is not traveling with you to Canada, you still need to notify IRCC of the change in your marital status.

Including your spouse in the application procedure before IRCC

You can include your spouse if your application is still in the beginning stages and a decision is still pending. The following paperwork may need to be filled out for your spouse depending on the sort of application you are making.

Forms to be used

Schedule a Background/Declaration Form (IMM5667)

Additional family information form (IMM 5406)

Utilization of a representative form (IMM 5474) (if applicable)

Documents required by law

a marriage license (in English or French)

current birth certificate or marriage ID (if applicable)

any formal record from the location of the wedding

Other supporting documentation to show a sincere connection

Evidence of mutual finances, such as bills paid jointly or investments or joint bank accounts

letters from family and friends

pictures from many occasions

Proof of cohabitation, such as a joint lease

any additional proof of your sincere relationship

You might have to pay application fees for the following in order to add your spouse:

$75 sponsorship fee

$570 processing fee

Fees for biometrics: $85

Fee for legal permanent residence status: $515

How do you add your spouse once you’ve gotten an ITA?

You could still include your new spouse in your application if you received an invitation to apply and filed it. First, let IRCC know that your marital status has just changed. The list of documents needed to include your spouse in your application will then be sent to you by IRCC.

After including your spouse in your application, how do you verify her immigration status?

Log into your “My Account” to access details if you added your new spouse to your application and want to see if IRCC has processed your revised information.

Check to see if your application lists any dependents after you open your account. The IRCC has not yet processed your spouse’s information if you find that no dependents have been added to your account.

Additionally, spouses must meet the security, criminal, and medical standards in order to be eligible for entrance into Canada under current immigration regulations. If they do not meet any of these requirements, they will be ruled inadmissible to Canada, which will have an impact on your PR application.

Getting married after having received approval for your PR application but before entering Canada

Be careful to alter your marital status before entering Canada if your PR application is accepted but you are currently outside of the country. Your application may be reevaluated by IRCC. However, if you don’t tell IRCC, it could be taken as a deception and hurt your PR and applications in the future.

Even if your spouse isn’t traveling with you to Canada, you still need to let IRCC know that your marital status has changed before you arrive. If you added your spouse, they might look through their medical history and reasons for exclusion.

An alternative is for your spouse to sponsor you and bring you to Canada. However, the procedures for inland and outlying spousal applications are different.

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