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New Alberta PNP Quota Rises By 50% For 2023

In 2023, the Alberta PNP, formally known as the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), will be allowed to nominate 50% more people.

In accordance with an official press release from the Alberta government, the AAIP will accept 9,750 PRs in 2023, 10,140 in 2024, and 10,849 in 2025.

This quota was only set at 6,500 for 2022, which seemed quite low and was readily filled last year, resulting in a 4-month gap between Alberta Express Entry draws.

We can state that Alberta is just the beginning and that other Canadian provinces may experience a similar increase in PNP quota.

Usual immigration paths Alberta offers

  • Alberta Express Entry Stream

  • Accelerated Tech Pathway for Express Entry

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream

  • Religious Workers Eligibility program

  • Rural Renewal Stream

  • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

  • Rural Entrepreneur Stream

  • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

On February 14, 2023, AAIP already had over 1,740 applications in the waiting list across the various segments listed below.

AAIP Pathway

No. of applications in queue (approx)

Applications under assessment by AAIP that were

received before (approx.)

Alberta Opportunity Stream


After November 25, applications are not yet assigned to an officer for evaluation.

Alberta Express Entry Stream


These requests are regarded as expressions of interest, and the date of submission is not taken into consideration when reviewing them.

Applications for the Accelerated Tech Pathway are handled first.

Rural Renewal Stream

Data unavailable due to the low number

of applications

Due to a lack of application volume, unavailable.

The list of professions with a large volume of AAIP stream applications is provided below. Thus, the time it takes to complete these applications may be longer.




Software Engineers & Designers


Software Developers & Programmers


Information Systems Specialists


Administrative Assistants


Early Childhood Educators & Assistants


Food Service Supervisors


Retail sales supervisors




Restaurant & Food Service Managers


Transport Truck Drivers

Primary causes of the rise

Since there are over 100,000 unfilled positions in Alberta and the province’s economy is growing, more qualified immigrants are needed.

In addition, it is anticipated that by 2025 there will be a shortage of 33,100 workers across a variety of occupations, skill levels, and sectors.

Based on affordability and the most recent Statistics Canada figures on interprovincial migration within Canada, Alberta is also the province of choice for immigrants already living in Canada.

According to Rajan Sawhney, the minister of immigration for Alberta, the province requires more immigrants to support community development, fill labor gaps in important industries, and maintain Alberta’s economic success.

Additionally, he stated that he had been pleading with the federal government for an increase in the number of nominations from Alberta for many months and was ultimately relieved that his request had been granted.

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