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The best jobs in Canada for international students

The best jobs in Canada for students to sustain themselves financially.

International students with a current study permit in Canada will be allowed to work an unlimited number of hours during the academic year as of November 15th, 2022, and continuing through the end of 2023.

The following list of the best jobs for international students in Canada has been put together by researching reputable sources (IDP, CTV, ApplyBoard) and taking into account factors like flexible work hours, reasonable pay, field immersion, and undemanding work duties.

Top part-time employment options

  • Teaching Assistants (TA) – Average wages CA$ 23/hour

Given that most TA jobs are only available to students, this is one of the easiest roles to obtain. TA positions are advantageous because they give students the chance to become fully immersed in their subject matter and gain teaching experience, which is particularly beneficial for those wishing to work in academics. Additionally, while being able to work and support oneself, this can be a fantastic opportunity to collaborate closely with a particular lecturer or faculty. TA positions are practical because they frequently arise on university or college campuses, sparing students’ money and time on travel.

  • Bartenders, Mixologists, and Servers – Average wages CA$ 16/hour plus tips

Serving/bartending allows for a great deal of freedom in selecting work hours for international students of working age, as well as a significant income boost (depending on hours worked and the popularity of the workplace) because of tips. Pre-tax tipping rates in Canada are typically between 15 and 18%, so students working more than 20 hours a week could make an additional $200–400 in tips, with many claiming higher amounts.

  • Ride-Share Driver—Average wages: CA$ 19/hour

In college hotspots, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are widely used (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc.). Students must be at least 21 years old, and possess a legitimate driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, and a smartphone in order to be eligible. The position offers students the unique freedom to choose their own work plan and to put in as much or as little time as their schedules allow.

The length and distance of the rides that drivers travel, as well as the number of rides they clear each week, can have a significant impact on their earnings.

  • Tutor – Average wages – CA$ 30/hour

Tutoring is another fantastic way for students to make money while they are in school, similar to TA positions. Students who tutor others can choose their own rates, responsibilities, and working hours. This can also enable students to immerse themselves in a field of study with a specific focus on teaching, while not having to worry about administrative work.

  • Freelancer- Average wages – CA$ 23/hour

Being a freelancer, a broad career category that includes a variety of professions can provide students with a wealth of opportunities, including flexible work hours and the freedom to set their own rates. A great way to build a reputation and work in a field or profession that interests you is to freelance. For those who are motivated enough to pursue this career path while pursuing their studies, freelancing offers a variety of professional avenues, even though it can be difficult at first as students initially establish themselves and attract more customers.

Tools to aid in the hunt

The following tools can be used to help with that search, regardless of whether students are interested in pursuing any of the aforementioned positions or they want to keep investigating their job options:

  • LinkedIn – The networking platform gathers employment listings from across the internet, making it a convenient starting point for the job search;

  • Indeed – A global employment platform featuring millions of listings;

  • CanadaVisa Job Search Tool – A thorough tool that gathers information from both public and private employment posting portals;

  • Workopolis – A website for posting jobs that offers employment services in both French and English;

  • – The official employment bank that the Canadian government updates and maintains;

  • Magnet – A non-profit website that links Canadian workers to possibilities;

  • TalentEgg – A website dedicated to finding jobs for students and new graduates; and

  • LeapGrad – A recently launched tool designed to match hiring employers with students and recent graduates;

Don’t forget

Pay, working conditions, and immigration considerations are three crucial factors that should be closely monitored as international students progress through their studies.

Canada voted to adopt a new federal minimum wage policy on April 1, 2022, raising the national minimum wage to $15.55 CAD/hour with the promise of inflation-based increases in the future. Outside of particular employment arrangements like Co-op positions, international students should make sure that their wages are at least comparable to this amount.

International students should also be aware that they enjoy the same labor rights as Canadian citizens and permanent residents as temporary foreign employees in Canada. International students have the legal right to report their employers to the proper authorities if they discover that they are violating any of their employees’ rights.

Additionally, international students should be aware of the requirements necessary to obtain a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which would allow them to continue working and possibly move to Canada. In particular, international students must continue to be enrolled full-time throughout their education. In light of the fact that international students are now permitted to work full-time hours during academic semesters, this is one of the most crucial requirements for obtaining a PGWP and should be carefully followed. International graduates who file for a PGWP prior to the expiration of their study permit are qualified to work full-time under-maintained status until their application is approved.

Last but not least, international students should be aware that any work completed while enrolled full-time in school prior to graduation does not count toward immigration eligibility (as the majority of streams require at least one year of full-time work experience). Because of this, the PGWP is absolutely essential for students who want to live continuously in Canada.

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