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Top 10 degrees to enroll in to ensure success in future employment in Canada

1. Computer science and Information technology (IT)

In the area of information technology, students have a variety of courses to choose from, including those in AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science, and more.

These courses prepare students for careers as software developers, engineers, data scientists, and cloud architects.

Apply to Western University, University of Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan University, University of Windsor, University of Guelph, University of Winnipeg, and the University of Waterloo, among other top Canadian universities.

2. Engineering

Engineering is a well-respected and useful degree that comes with outstanding compensation packages. It also gives international students the chance to stay in Canada when their studies are through. In addition, there is a serious lack of skilled people in Canada, and several areas of the country, like Toronto, are attractive for positions in this industry because of the city’s significant manufacturing sector. Calgary, Manitoba, and Montreal are some additional Canadian places where engineers might find rewarding job opportunities.

Petroleum engineering, mining engineering, computer systems engineering, green engineering, and software engineering are a few of the most prominent engineering specialties.

Excellent career opportunities are available for specialists in the civil, mechanical, electrical-electronics, chemical, and engineering management fields.

The University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Western University, Dalhousie University, Toronto Metropolitan University, University of Windsor, University of Guelph, and Queens University are the top Canadian universities to apply to.

3. Business Management

As a result of the unwaveringly high educational standards they have established, Canadian Business Education programs are among the top 100 business administration programs in the world.

Career options: According to Canada’s Skills Shortages, management, and administrative-related positions continue to be in great demand. These fall under the headings of banking, investment finance, and management consulting.

The best universities in Canada to apply to are Western University, University of Toronto, York University, University of Winnipeg, University of Windsor, Toronto Metropolitan University, and Queens University.

4. Project Management

For professionals in Canada, a course in project management has a lot of potentials. Over the next five years, it is anticipated that this industry would create 15.7 million new employment. A Master’s degree, a Graduate Diploma or Certificate, or the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification are options for applicants to pursue.

Job opportunities: A number of sectors, including insurance, finance, and IT, provide good career options.

Apply to Royal Roads University, MacEwan University, Georgian College, Sheridan College, UNBC, and George Brown College, among other top Canadian universities.

5. Psychology

Due to the growing conversation about the significance of mental health, both at home and at work, the profession has become crucial both in Canada and internationally.

Consider positions as a clinical counselor, psychotherapist, mental health technician, sports psychologist, psychiatric nurse, professor, counseling psychologist, or clinical psychologist as possible career paths.

Apply to the following Canadian universities: the University of Toronto, Western University, UBC, McGill University, York University, McMaster University, Queens University, and the University of Winnipeg.

6. Medicine and Health

Canada is constantly in need of medical graduates. Although it is challenging for international students to study medicine in Canada, there are still several high-demand, well-paying career options in the healthcare sector. Pharmacy, biotechnology, biomedicine, and bioinformatics are a few of the well-liked programs.

Options for careers include research scientists, health policy experts, respiratory therapists, and managers of healthcare facilities.

Apply to McMaster University, Western University, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of Guelph, Toronto Metropolitan University, Queens University, UBC, and the University of Windsor, among other top Canadian universities.

7. Economics and macroeconomics for business management

In addition to offering fantastic employment choices, economics is one of the greatest courses to take in Canada. It also helps you when you apply for Canadian permanent residency.

Options for a career: A degree in economics from a Canadian university will provide you an opportunity to compete in the job market. Consider careers as a financial researcher, tax economist, transportation planner, demographic studies analyst, or bank research analyst.

University of Toronto, Western University, Dalhousie University, University of Waterloo, and the University of Winnipeg are the top Canadian universities for applicants.

8. The media and journalism

Professionals with a Canadian degree have a ton of options in this industry thanks to the growing expansion of social media and citizen journalism.

Reporters, associate producers, associate media directors, content developers/managers, and media operations managers are among the possible job paths. Candidates may also look for jobs in the marketing sector’s other divisions and the advertising industry.

The University of Calgary, University of Montreal, University of Ottawa, Sheridan College, and University of Toronto are the top Canadian universities for applicants.

9. Forestry and agriculture

The primary goal of this important scientific subject is to study plants, animals, and the settings in which they thrive. This topic continues to be of interest to researchers in the present era. The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, the Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness, the Master of International Forestry, and the Master of Sustainable Forest Management are all highly sought-after programs in Canada.

Agriculture science and forestry ensure that products meet industry standards and reach the market while also providing essential information on large-scale, sustainable food production.

Consultants in agriculture, farm managers, and soil scientists are all possible career paths.

The University of Guelph, UBC, and McGill University are the best Canadian institutions to apply to.

10. Public relations and human resources

Currently, one of the most sought-after jobs is public relations. Additionally, in many Canadian provinces, human resources professionals are in high demand. Due to the increasing need for talent among firms, organizational growth and human resource management are vital to the success of modern businesses.

Options for careers include human resources specialist, head of labor relations, and training and development, specialist

Trent University, University of Windsor, York University, Sheridan College, and George Brown College are the best Canadian institutions to apply to.

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