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Top cities in Ontario to live in 2022 and beyond

Do you intend to relocate to Canada? Canada was ranked as the fourth best country in the world to live in by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. When compared to a list of 40 other countries, they discovered that the nation had the highest quality of life.

It has been acknowledged that Canada provides better access to housing, food, healthcare, work, and high-quality education. In addition, residing in Canada guarantees you career security, political stability, personal freedom, and a good environment.

One of the Canadian provinces where people like living in Ontario. It is a lovely location with a variety of wonderful cities where you can settle down.

415 localities were compared in 2019 to determine which ones were the best.

The cities were contrasted in terms of their economies and wealth, affordability, accessibility to amenities and healthcare, transportation, population growth, wealth, and taxation.

Even though Canada as a whole is great, Ontario is the best province to call home. One of the provinces where most people want to live is Ontario.

When deciding to relocate, everyone wants to lead the greatest possible life. I’ve surveyed nine of Ontario’s top cities, so let’s get started because you’ll be overwhelmed with options.

1) Toronto

The Population: 2.93 million people

With a population of more than 2.9 million, Toronto serves as Ontario’s capital. It is Canada’s most populous city. This is the spot if you enjoy interacting with people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Its economy is relatively stable, making doing business there advantageous.

With an average household income of about $98,174, the unemployment rate is low.

Families are now able to live extremely well because of this. You may experience and learn about many cultures while living in Toronto without having to leave the city.


High Quality of Life

potential employment


Very Beautiful


Several things to do




Poor Weather

2) Ottawa

The Population: 994,837 people

Canada’s capital is located in this city. The city has a long history, which is reflected in its structures. Despite being densely inhabited, it offers little towns for people who prefer a slower pace of life.

The city has the advantage of being pleasant year-round.

It is the ideal location for you if you enjoy outdoor activities. It boasts a varied and lovely landscape that is great for strolls, skating, and hiking.

There is a welcoming and cozy ambiance. As the nation’s capital, it offers a wealth of chances, particularly for individuals just starting their careers and in the business world.


very little crime

high rate of employment

excellent medical services

high rate of graduation

several different employment options

most suitable for families of immigrants


Lack of a vibrant nightlife

extremely scorching summers and a long winter

When compared to places like Edmonton and Montreal, the cost of housing in this area is high.

3) Waterloo

The Population: 113,520 people

About 25% of the population of Waterloo City, which is in Southern Ontario, is comprised of immigrants. People who want to live close to Toronto and enjoy a more economical lifestyle should choose this city.


Opportunities for employment in manufacturing and technology

good colleges and universities

combines a rural and urban way of life

fewer crowds

cheaper than urban areas like Toronto and Ottawa


awful winters

Making new acquaintances might be challenging.

The reliability of public transportation varies.

4) Burlington

The Population: 205,960 people

Living in Burlington, which is only a 45 to 60 minutes drive from Toronto, is a terrific choice because of its convenient location, gorgeous natural surroundings, and decent communities for families.


excellent choices for trekking activities

massive parklands

inexpensive housing


possesses few facilities

and has dry winters and extremely humid summers.

5) Guelph

The Population: 135,474 people

With around 135,474 residents, Guelph sometimes referred to as the Royal City, is a city in the southwest of the province of Ontario.

This city is not far from Waterloo and downtown Toronto.

The fact that housing costs are reasonable and unemployment rates are low despite the area’s small population draws most residents.


Low rates of crime

has a multicultural population

pristine surroundings

offers a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities


possesses few facilities

has dry winters and extremely humid summers.

The local transit system is not always dependable.

6) Oakville

The Population: 211,382 people

It was determined to be the greatest city in Canada in the 2018 MoneySense Magazine rating. This Greater Toronto Area suburb is located in the Halton Region.

It is better situated than other Ontario cities because it is so close to Toronto. It is renowned for its elegance, sanitization, and security. If you have kids, it has several parks and green recreational areas.

Its homes also have a stunning architecture in addition to these wonderful qualities. Any individual or family who wishes to live away from the city life of Toronto should travel to Oakville.

There are a little over 200,000 people living in the city. It earns an average of $161,540.

There are a little over 200,000 people living in the city. The average household income is $161,540. Housing costs are very reasonable; a two-bedroom house costs about $1500.


Stunning Scenery

inexpensive homes

Easily accessible downtown

decent selection of restaurants


In the downtown area, there is constant construction.

Exorbitant restaurant prices

7) Kingston

The Population: 136,685 people

Kingston is a tiny town with the qualities of a large city. It is affectionately referred to as the Limestone City and is situated in Ontario’s east. The area is family-friendly and perfect for everyone who wants to give their children a quiet lifestyle.

The city has a thriving cultural scene, making it the perfect place for someone interested in theater, the arts, or music. With all of its excellent restaurants, Kingston also boasts of good cuisine. If you enjoy being outside, Kingston is surrounded by breathtaking scenery that will enthrall you, particularly in the summer.


a beautiful location with lots of history

an excellent connection to thousands of islands

housing is inexpensive in comparison to other cities.


hefty taxes

extended winters

has more crime than neighboring cities like Ottawa

8) Barrie

The Population: 153,356 people

Looking for a place to live permanently? The city you’re looking for is Barrie. Even though the city is small, it contains all the amenities you could possibly need for a contented and joyful life. Additionally, Toronto is only an hour away.

Barrie offers a variety of outdoor activities. There is a lot of nature there, as well as sports and other year-round events. Due to the craft beer market, restaurants, and music festivals, the culture is also great, especially after sunset.


numerous ski hills conveniently accessible

decent selections of cottages

nearby Toronto


limited employment options

extended winters

There are few activities available at night.

9) Thunder Bay

The Population: 110,172

It is the biggest city and is situated close to Lake Superior in northwest Ontario. There are a few conveniences there, such as an airport. Due to the open access to the environment, people who enjoy outdoor activities may prefer to reside here. It is incredibly stunning because of its location on a freshwater lake.

The inhabitants can consequently enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures. This city may be a good fit for you if you have an adventurous spirit. Additionally, the apartment is reasonably priced, and the security is really good.


Suitable location for those who enjoy hiking, fishing, and hunting

affordable housing costs

several leisure spaces


high rate of crime

freezing in winter

You will need to go somewhere else if you like large events.

Here are a few excellent possibilities for small towns if you prefer them to cities:

Ontario’s best small towns for living

Halton Hills

The Population: 61,161 people

Ontario and the entire country of Canada should consider moving to this neighborhood. Halton Hills is renowned for its thriving culture, artistic talent, and historical settings. It is composed of the cities of Georgetown and Action. Halton Hills offers a vibrant agricultural community, a good standard of living, and stunning natural surroundings.

Additionally, Halton Hills boasts a cutting-edge infrastructure that is close to Toronto, giving its people rapid access to the city’s services and amenities.

The average family income in Halton Hills is roughly $131, 026. Considering that each family spends $1,394 on housing, it is also pretty affordable.

The Nation

The Population: 12,808 people

It includes the townships of Caledonia, Cambridge, and South Plantagenet and is a part of Canada’s National Capital Region.

The majority of residents in The Nation are French. Most of its areas are marked by affordability. The Nation has very reasonable housing costs.

This is the place to go if you’re just starting out in life or want something that won’t break the bank. Most importantly, the low crime rate gives you peace of mind regarding your security.


The Population: 84,224 people

Newmarket has been named one of Canada’s top cities to live in by MoneySense Magazine. It is renowned for offering inhabitants high-quality services and programs.

It also has a lot of amenities, which keeps the standard of living for its residents high.

It is home to Southlake Regional Health Center, one of Canada’s top institutions when it comes to healthcare. The residents of Newmarket are taken care of by its first-rate services.

Due to the low property tax, homes are affordably priced in this city. In addition to the 300 major events held yearly, it offers more than 6000 recreational programs.


The Population: 110,128 people

This town is situated immediately south of the Niagara Escarpment, in Ontario. It has access to the best transportation and logistics because of its position.

Additionally, it provides people with a high standard of living. Milton’s economy is expanding quickly and diversifying.

Excellent opportunities for new investments and businesses are presented by this.

Its abundance of amenities for its people is one of the things that makes it great. In addition, it is a busy and safe environment. A fusion of urban and rural experiences defines the city.

Additionally, the residents benefit from low property taxes, which greatly reduces the cost of dwelling.


The Population: 16,520 people

The township is situated on Ottawa’s southeast edge. In the township, urban areas are home to the majority of the residents. The township is distinguished by a low level of crime.

The township is also renowned for its affordable housing, which enables even those just starting their careers to live comfortably.


A person’s life will change significantly when they relocate to a new city. Therefore, it is advised that you conduct sufficient research in advance to ensure that you are aware of what you are getting into.

In a nation like Canada, which has won plaudits for its excellent standard of living, it’s easy to miss some crucial details.

Because of what it provides to its inhabitants, the province of Ontario stands out in Canada. However, not everyone may be able to live in one of the cities.

Even though Ontario is home to many other beautiful cities, these are the ones as per research, that are the finest for residents. Examine each of the aforementioned cities closely based on your likes and tastes.

You’ll be able to choose wisely as a result of this. I hope you have a good time living in Ontario.

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