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Top places to live in Nova Scotia for new immigrants

The maritime province of Nova Scotia in Canada has a distinct history influenced by Scottish, English, and French cultures. It boasts the best location for a memorable vacation and features Canada’s most stunning beaches. So, we bet you’re interested in learning about the best places in Nova Scotia to call home.

The top locations in Nova Scotia showcase the rich culture, language, spirituality, personality, and easygoing way of life of the region. These qualities undoubtedly distinguish them from other places. Halifax, Cape Brenton, Truro, New Glasgow, Lunenburg, Amherst, Queens, and West Hants are some of these locations.

Despite the fact that they all have everything you could possibly desire in a seaside province, picking one of these locations can be a little challenging. So, in this piece, we’ll examine the unique characteristics of each region and highlight what to anticipate.

Top Places in Nova Scotia

The majority of Nova Scotia’s places share similar lifestyles, yet what sets them apart are their unique characteristics. Some of the best places in Nova Scotia to reside are listed here.

1. Halifax

This is Nova Scotia’s capital city. It is a large city with all the advantages of a major metropolis. It is known as one of the oldest cities in the province and offers warmth, gorgeous beaches, employment opportunities, museums, and a clean environment. In comparison to other cities, Halifax has a higher cost of living. For instance, Halifax’s grocery prices are 41.46% greater than Truro’s. But this is the place to go if you want city life in a little space.

2. Cape Breton

This is the second major city in Nova Scotia after Halifax. It’s a fantastic area to live in, especially if you enjoy being outside. It’s accessible, allowing you to effortlessly conduct business and meet new people. This city has grown to be well-known for its coal mining industry over the years, which allows the locals the chance to live well. They fulfill their share of economic contribution by mining coal.

3. Truro

The city with the most residences in the area is Truro, which serves as the province’s hub. A three-bedroom apartment in the city center would cost $1,100.00 a month in Canadian currency. This demonstrates how reasonably priced homes are in Nova Scotia. The fact that this region offers residents a wide range of leisure opportunities is a significant benefit.

4. New Glasgow

One of Nova Scotia’s growing cities is this one. There are numerous prestigious schools and enterprises there. This is the place to be if you want to stay close to your place of employment and provide your kids with a short commute to school. The commuter traffic index for this location indicates that you would get to your destination quickly.

5. Lunenburg

Due to its seclusion from urban life, Lunenburg is among the province’s most alluring locations. This doesn’t make the city bad, but it does make it distinctive because it offers a compromise for those who choose to combine their rural and urban lifestyles.

6. Amherst

Restaurants, shops, and car dealerships thrive in this ideal commercial location. Both the cost of living and tax payments are unaffected by this. Consequently, it’s a great area to live in.

7. Queens

This is the ideal location if you want a place to work and call home. Its environment is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, homes are affordable, and the cost of living is minimal.

8. West Hants

In Nova Scotia, this is one of the areas where people like to reside. A good quality of life, a welcoming community, and a low crime rate make this town a highly decent and safe place to raise a family.

Information on Nova Scotia

Although it’s healthy to live in Nova Scotia, you should be aware that there are certainly additional factors that also have an impact on daily life. You may then pinpoint the precise location you would prefer and want to settle in. So, the following are some things you should be aware of:

  1. Stunning Scenery

There is no denying that Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s most picturesque regions. Its many qualities, including the coasts and their characteristics, the pleasant green hills, the charming villages, and others, have earned it the title of the most beautiful province in the nation. There are too many locations that radiate beauty for you to absorb it all in at once.

  1. Ocean

Regardless of where you are, the water is nearby. So, Nova Scotia is the spot you want to go if you enjoy the sight of the ocean and the chills you feel while you’re at the beach. Other elements that enhance the beauty of shorelines include the rocks, sands, and treelines.

  1. A feeling of belonging

There are 430,128 people residing in Nova Scotia, which benefits everyone who lives thereby creating a sense of community. The residents of Nova Scotia are incredibly cordial with one another and invite guests and outsiders.

  1. Low Pay

The pay in Nova Scotia is still very low despite the improvements made by the local government. As of current year, the minimum wage is $12.95 per hour. Therefore, finding affordable accommodation and rent can be wonderful, but it practically amounts to nothing because household necessities and food are likewise expensive when compared to low salaries.

  1. Higher Taxes

Considering the small number of large firms that the government can tax, taxes in Nova Scotia are quite high. Consequently, residents pay a lot of taxes. Sadly, despite assurances that things will change, those assurances have not been fulfilled.

  1. A Job Shortage

In Nova Scotia, finding work is difficult, and the majority of occupations are unstable. Due to the fact that there is a greater demand than there are available jobs, you may experience some difficulty. However, if you have the necessary credentials, you can always find work.

The Conclusion

There is no perfect setting to call home. When deciding where to stay, you should strike a balance between the positives and negatives. If you want to remain in Nova Scotia, your task has been made simpler. All the best places, like Nova Scotia, have more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, picking any of them would ultimately be wise.

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